Ugly Apologize

Sorry for I’m not an easy person to be with

Aysel Larasaty
2 min readJul 28, 2022
Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash

Istighfar to Allah is different from asking another human being to forgive. Human beings are not capable of forgiving other human beings in the same way that Allah can forgive. The forgiveness of human beings is something else and sometimes human beings aren’t even capable to forgive.
Some people put the chains on their doors and some end up building the high fortress because they don’t see themselves are strong enough to face the same disappointment.

And of course, because I am just a mere human being that’s not so easy to be with, I’m fully aware that I’ve messed up and messed around with some of you, my friends, or maybe strangers who I just met in the past. I probably inconsiderate your feelings, miss calculated the jokes, dragged you into a bad situation, etc (insert many mistakes I’ve made to you that I can’t even see as mistakes here, apologize).

But since I am looking forward to being a better person each day, at least for me, so if you read this, please forgive all the sadness I’ve put into your life that somehow you were not or still are not capable of forgiving until tonight.

I hope Allah turns your bitterness in life into nothing but beautiful and full of hikmah things. May Allah soften your heart and makes it easier for you to walk in His path as what we always mention in our Salah, Shiratha alladzina an’amta alaihim ghairi maghdubi alaihim wa laa ad-dhaaalin.



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